Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'll be devastated in two days

 I'm leaving these lush kiddos in two days time. Although I'm a bit sad, I have to continue my studies in USM. I have to prove my parents that I can earn myself a degree too. I got a semester to go and I'll have to go job hunting. However, my brother ironically complained; don't leave them with ehem2...my mom. HAHAHA (duh..I became their maid for like what..two WHOLE months? Who wouldn't like that)

I love you kiddos! I'll be back hopefully next year. But I pray to Allah that I will not add up to the unemployment rate in Malaysia. To make up to these bratzies I made them sausage sushi which I think tasted weird seeing that Sushi is synonymous to fish and seafood. Tastewise my sushi i MY SUSHI! AND I did not buy it in a shop and pretend I made it, I just placed them into a secure Tupperware.

I've put millions of love into it, so they better taste it. It's yours truly sushi. Love you guys!  

This morning I literally have to send these kiddos to school seeing that my dad left early for work. They refused to let me send them. They were embarrassed! Their friends ride Ferrari and Porsche to school. How did I send them? by shoving them off the cliff (kiddin) Oh..how these kids have grown up and find the elder generation to be...useless... T-T

p.s. This year's raya isn't so meaningful seeing that we lost a beloved family member due to an accident in April this year. Al-fatihah Angah, rest in peace and may Allah bless your soul. In order to get go through all these hardships...our family had to put a fake smile and laugh although it hurts.   


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