Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Funny thing

Apparently students take MUET to enter university, I have to take MUET to discharge myself from university. Haish....

Funny thing is I could have taken MUET if they tell me earlier that in order to graduate I need to have it. MUET is offered 3 times a year, the last one is on November T-T. But they told me two days ago, so now I have to take IELTS, some International English  Language Testing System. I had to pay RM590 for it!!! When I could've payed RM100 to take MUET, imagine me paying for 6 MUET exams. According to a friend, "You just paid half of your university fee". Another funny thing is...HE IS F*&^IN right!!! I just paid loads for an exam that only lasts 3 hours compared to my 5 months of study fee!  T-T

BUT! be optimistic Hamizah! You know that by taking this exam can benefit you in a lot of ways...(ok not really since it expires after 2 years..then i have to pay for another retake). Thank you era modernisasi....thank you. You just made human life on earth harder and much more expensive than before. What is greater development? It is for the greater good right? (trying to calm myself down..another funny thing is, I don't mind the exam being expensive, BUT! it's the end of the semester! where do i korek the money????) .....

Ok, here's another funny thing, I went to the post office to draw some money from my personal savings, which I thought I'll never touch. I FORGOT THAT IT"S THE END OF THE YEAR! The ASB accounts are frozen till January while they count for end of year dividen. So another funny thing is I had to take out another personal saving from my drawer (ehem2..finish already ma...), now this money is saved for my travel purposes. I want to travel after it's all gone! THANK YOU! ......

Sorry for my utterly disrespectful and annoying complaint. I am grateful for what I have, I do accept all the obstacles that Allah s.w.t. gave me. There is always a reason behind it ( I'm guessing it was also my fault for not looking back to my agreement with USM). OK. A friend told me to keep smiling and take a deep breath, forget all the problems and get on with life. Bak kata orang tua-tua, susah-susah dulu, senangnya kemudian. I'll take that for granted.

p.s. a lot of funny things happened this week. (tangan di dada, mata ke atas)  


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