Thursday, May 5, 2011

2 years of cocoon....and Leme cam

I've passed and manages to survive two years in USM without a notice. I used to think to myself, what will happen after all these education and theoretical absorbent to my brain.......hopefully they'll come to a good use one day.

Anyways! Aku bukannya nak lament on all my years here in USM, I am here to say:
I HEART LEME CAM application!!!!! 

Try downloading it! it's got this random effect to the photos that you take and it won't take your time, ambil gambar je terus dia cuci mengikut effect yang dia ada....i loike!
Shake to get random combination of camera, filter and border. Lemeleme is more than just another photo sharing app, but a Hyper-Cam!

Shake it, you will get your best photo capture randomly 

◆Hyper-cool photo effects,16 photo effects in total included brand new "Wax Painting" and "HDR" 
◆Hyper-smart photo management by tagging, calendar, and map; 
◆Hyper-social photo sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr

1.Brand-new: HDR
2.Brand-new: Light Leak
3.Sdandard lemeleme
6.Double Exposure
8.Tilt Shift
9.Color Flash

Photo effects:
1.Brand-new: Fantastic Leman
2.Brand-new: Frozen Blue
3.Brand-new:Dark Forest
4.God Father
5.Valentine Martini
6.Classic Leme
7.Bloody Mary
8.Fallen Angel
9.Black Velvet
10.Blue Hawaii
12.Vio Politan
14.Angel's Kiss
15.KOR Royal

These are some of the photos that I took...the effects are pretty awesome! @_@

Sambil menunggu Fa yang berjam-jam dalam HEP, aku ngan Khai jalan-jalan dalam area USM sempat la aku nak camewhoring and explore what this app. has to offer  ;-P

Jeng-jeng-jeng!!!! Takoot tak? Takoot tak?


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